Brian Hart Memoriam

Founder of Hart IP Law & Strategies LLC:  Brian Gerard Hart

Brian Hart launched Hart IP Law & Strategies LLC in February 2010 after more than a decade in larger firms to best serve his clients with his level of knowledge and experience, through a personal and economically minded alternative as clients large and small tightened their intellectual property budgets.  His passion for the sciences and mathematics and nearly a decade in the software and hardware industries made him a perfect candidate for assisting clients with their patents and other intellectual property concerns. With a love for language and culture, Mr. Hart also relished working with clients across the globe, from Europe to the Middle East to Asia, Africa and Central America and built intimate relationships with them.

In June 2012, Mr. Hart passed away, leaving Ms. Hart to continue Hart IP in the spirit in which he led the practice: -- through building relationships with clients, assisting them with looking ahead at their intellectual property strategies, and working diligently at protecting and enforcing existing intellectual property, Hart IP is a long-term partner in its clients’ successes.